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Answers to your questions about Botox Cosmetic ® from Vernon dentists

Botox Cosmetic ® has been around since the 1960s, and its therapeutic and cosmetic applications continue to evolve. Would you like to learn more about Botox Cosmetic ®? Vernon dentists, Dr. Pita Dhaliwal and Dr. Kevin O’Shea answer commonly-asked questions.

What is Botox Cosmetic ®?

Botox Cosmetic ® is a purified protein used to relax your facial muscles. It softens wrinkles and makes skin appear more youthful.

Could you tell me where Botox Cosmetic ® is commonly injected?

Botox Cosmetic ® is routinely used to:
  • Relax forehead lines
  • Soften frown lines
  • Smooth crow’s feet
Botox Cosmetic ® will give you a fresh appearance. You will still look the same and will be able to express yourself naturally.

What is the treatment like and how long does Botox Cosmetic ®?

Treatment is pretty simple. The appointment starts with an assessment of where Botox Cosmetic ® should be injected and the amount suitable for the individual. The goal is to look natural. Everyone is different and a trained eye is crucial in determining the spots of injection and the amount.

Once we have determined your desired outcome, the procedure only takes 5-10 minutes. The amount of Botox Cosmetic ® is administered with a fine needle. Most people do not feel anything during injection.
A girl being treated using botox
Botox Cosmetic ® lasts approximately four months. The effects will slowly reverse and your muscles will regain the ability to move again. To maintain your youthful appearance – it is recommended to see your doctor every four months to maintain the look.

Is Botox Cosmetic ® safe?

Botox Cosmetic ® has been approved for use in Canada since 2001. It is safe however your doctor will complete a medical assessment and will discuss possible side effects with you prior to treatment.

I want a consultation for Botox Cosmetic ® - what do I do next?

Call (250) 545 3319 for an appointment at Aberdeen Dental. Dr. Pita Dhaliwal would love to sit down with you and show you the possibilities with Botox Cosmetic ®.
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